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The month of September has a been a busy one for meccamee. Long nights practices for SIO (Set It Off). BTW are you going?!?!

you better be. TRUST me its worth $20 :]

oh and also be there to support and help us win first place.! The bigger the audience we have the better. OH& don’t forget the other vegas crews performing show support to the dance community here. It’s not only vegas crews also there are a few out of state crews, but you’d have to come and see for yourselves. The show will be crazy good don’t miss out!

SUPPORT  MCME :] love you all.



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Hello there dance community :] I know we haven’t been updating this but hey better late then never right? So this upcoming sunday for Meccamee Company Class our very own captain fresh from Kentucky, Jay De Jesus, is teaching! yay.

Thanks Jayce for the flyer WE LOVE IT!

So, after Jay we have the rest of September to think about. Don’t worry though we got it all planned out. Check it.

The month of September looks to be exciting don’t you agree? haha well there you go, hope everyone is as excited as we are.!

We are ALIVE!

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I guess no one will update this for reals. Haha. But hello world. Yes we are still alive and going at it! We are currently getting ready for SIO 5 hosted by Hypnotix. Ej, Aguon, and myself are taking a trip to SLO to teach for Affinity Workshop! That’s going to be exiting as well. We moved to a new studio called Dance Zone on Eastern. We miss you Backstage! Haha. Meccamee Company class is running smoothly thanx to Thuggie. Well  have a great day. Vegas is too freaking hot.

Well Groove with Mikey and Troy this Sat

I’m not sure who’s teaching Meccamee Company Class this Sunday either. I’ll get back to you.

-Lexi Bautista

Session w/ Kim Davidson of FORMALity LV.

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Session w/ Jayce Abuan.

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Session w/ Brittany Turner.

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Session w/ Bri Verzosa.

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